10 Types Of Wedding Guests At Every Wedding

Weddings are such a lovely occasion aren’t they? It’s a day filled with pure magic and happiness as you commit yourself to your soulmate and start a new life together. Awww don’t you just love love.

If you’ve attended a fair few weddings then you may have noticed a few types of guests that crop up at every one.

Here’re 10 types of wedding guests you’ll probably comes across on your big day – and if you’ve not sent your invites out yet you may still have a chance of crossing some out…

  1. The Annoying Aunty 

We’ve all got one; (maybe even two.) She’s a bit of a nosy parker, she loves to add her opinion on basically everything from the flavour of the wedding cake to the choice of music playing and she can be pretty loud oh and she loves to tell everyone she’s the bride’s aunty – literally everyone. But her heart’s in the right place.

  1. The Jamie Oliver 

Bet you didn’t know you invited a Michelin standard food critic to your big day. Oh wait you didn’t. That’s just someone scrutinising every dish and commenting on everything from the food portion, to how warm it is, to how spicy it is, to how unusual it is. Ugh. You’d think they’ve paid for their meal the way some guests go on.

  1. The Long Lost Family Member

There’s always one family member who you haven’t seen in forever and they’re all like: “omg you look so different.” Well yeah it’s been 10 years so you’d hope you don’t look 15 anymore… They’ll talk about old times, embarrassing moments and insist you come over for dinner when you’re back from honeymoon.

  1. The Professional Dancer 

When the dance floor opens up you’ve always got one person who’s got all the moves. This is great when the rest of the party goers are being all shy because once one person is up it encourages the rest to get their boogie on. This is not so great when the professional dancer wants to hog the whole dance floor so much so they’re pushing the bride and groom out the way. Er no. Go dance in a corner please.

  1. The Wannabe Photographer

Your cheeks will already be tired from all the smiling you’ve been doing for your professional shots but then along comes this guest – the one with the look of intensity as they clutch their iPhone. With this one around you have zero chance of being able to rest your face for longer than two minutes.

  1. The Judgmental Judy

People will always have an opinion and that’s fine but some people really need to keep it to themselves. How dare someone turn up on your special day and think it’s ok to put their nose up at the decor or choice of favours – or worse choice of groom. This guest is the one sitting there all pretentiously just looking around for the next thing to judge like it’s X Factor.

  1. The Attention Seekers

Can someone let these guys know it’s not their big day? Every time you see them they’re all camera ready for when the photographer comes round to their side. They’ve probably also kicked up a fuss about something or the other and if they get a chance to muscle in on something they will.

  1. The Haters

Ugh. The worse kind of wedding guests. The ones who are all sweetness and light to your face but then they’re sat there on your wedding day giving dirty looks and snarky comments. Sad thing is sometimes the haters turn out to be someone who you thought was genuinely happy for you. Why are some people so bitter?!

  1. The Naughty Kids 

Some people ban kids from their wedding and to be honest we can see why it’s appealing. Naughty kids are the ones who run around opening and eating all the favours. The ones who deliberately stand on the bride’s trail and who don’t eat their food but opt to chuck it around instead. Absolute nightmare.

  1. The Eat And Go

Yep. Some people will legit come and sit down, fill their bellies up and off they go. They don’t even bother to wish the happy couple congratulations. They just came for the food and now they’ve had it they’re off. Shocking we know.

Have you experienced any of these guests at weddings before?


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