Protein Works Porridge

There are many choices on the market for us gluten free eaters. However, only a handful actually taste nice. (From our experience anyway!) When we were introduced to the Protein Works porridge selection (thanks to the Mr) it was like all our Christmas’s, Eid’s, Diwali’s and Hanukahs had come at once! It’s really THAT good.

Behold the Protein Porridge with gluten free oak flakes. Now this little bowl of delight is super tasty and oh my, it fills you up leaving you satisfied till lunchtime. No need for an elevenses treat when you eat this for breakfast. Unless you’re like super hungry that is… But trust us this is THE one.


At the moment we’re munching our way through the Apple & Cinnamon flavour, it has some lovely golden sultanas mixed it which makes it nice and fruity. The porridge is available in Very Berry and Banana Choc Chip too.

We like to add a little dash of Flax Seed in our porridge too. It contains vitamin E and a rich source of minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.


Thank you Protein Works you’ve made breakfast time so much yummier!