3 Christmas Movies That Should Have Ended Differently

When you’ve invested yourself in a film emotionally and the ending isn’t what you expected it’s annoying to say the least. The beginning and middle of a film aren’t as important as the ending. It’s the ending that stays with you.

Here are 3 movies we feel should have ended differently…

The Snowman

It’s impossible to watch this movie without crying your eyes out. The last scene when the young boy runs down the stairs and outside to find the snowman has gone just gets you right in the heart. Then the credits start rolling and Walking in The Air comes on and it’s safe to say everyone is a complete sobbing mess. This movie is so enchanting and full of magic and the ending could have carried on that magic in some way…

So we get the fact that the snowman has to go. After all he can’t be around forever. But the way he just disappears is so brutal and sad. So we would have liked an ending where along with the remains of The Snowman there’s a little note which says: Goodbye dear friend, I’ll be back next year. Merry Christmas. At least this way the magic continues and doesn’t just die. (Goes back to cry in a corner.)

Edward Scissorhands

Ok it might not exactly be known to be a typical Christmas film but the framing of this entire story is a grandmother telling her granddaughter why it always snows at Christmas and… IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. Poor Edward deserved better. The ending is so frustrating! ALL he wanted to do is help and instead everyone thinks he’s a lying thief who wants to hurt people. The ending should have been more optimistic…

So everyone thinks Edward is dead. But Kim is the one person who knows he’s not. So why couldn’t she sneak out and still visit him rather than leave him all on his own! Let’s imagine after a few years she found a surgeon who hadn’t ever heard of Edward. Kim tells the surgeon his story and he wants to help him. Edward gets prosthetic hands. He gets a complete makeover, he has a new name, a new image and he can finally come out of the mansion and no one knows who he is! Finally Edward and Kim can be together and he has the chance to live a normal life. The end.

It’s a Wonderful Life

This 1946 classic Christmas movie has its fair share of ups and down. We know the last scene of this movie essential sells the whole message of the film. George realises he really does have a wonderful life with loving family and friends around him. They pay off his debts and he doesn’t have to go to jail. It’s all very heart-warming and it’s nice to see a happy ending. However…

The ending should have shown nasty old Mr Potter getting his comeuppance. After all it was because of him George was in trouble in the first place he’s the one that stole all his money! Yet no finds out and Mr Potter completely gets away with it. The ending should have shown him being caught out and carted off in handcuffs.

Are there any Christmas movies you wish ended differently?

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