6 Mistakes Brides Make

You Go Social First  twitter-292994_1920

Remember to share your engagement news with your close family and friends before updating your status on social media. Don’t change your Facebook status and tell them after. You want to avoid upsetting close people who will be part of your wedding planning.

tape-403593_1920You Start Crash Dieting

Do not start reducing your food intake drastically and hitting the gym like a mad woman. Adopt a healthier eating plan six months before the big day and exercise regularly. This will be more beneficial in the long-run than a crash diet – where more than often you put the weight straight back on and with a few extra pounds too!

ring-1729441_1920You Get Ring Envy

Once he puts a ring on it, you start noticing ring fingers all the time! But remember everyone has their own taste and budget so don’t fall into that rabbit hole.


You Get DIY-Happy crocheting-1479210_1920

The worst thing is when you think you can do it ALL yourself. Avoid getting the glue and sequins out if you can. You’ll just give yourself more headache. For sure if you want to do a few bits and bobs that’s fine but don’t go crazy, you’ve got enough on your plate.


You Decorate Everything bouquet-1566272_1920

Resist the temptation to go decoration crazy and remember you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with the décor – all eyes should be on you!



 You Hold Onto the Little Things 

Up to the lead up of your big day many things can flop. But the key is to try your hardest to deal with it and move on. After the wedding you won’t remember anything that didn’t go to plan. All you’ll remember is feeling happy and how gorgeous you and your husband looked.

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