7 Reasons Why Winter Weddings Are Wonderful

If you’re considering a Winter wedding but you’re unsure then check out our top 7 reasons for why you should go for it!


  1. More Availability

You’re more likely to secure your first choices because there are less weddings taking place. So your absolute favourite make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer etc. should have more dates than usual to spare!

  1. Value for Money

Summer months are a peak time for weddings and occasions so most services will be cheaper. So if you’re a bride on a budget then you’ll hopefully be able to save some money.

  1. Dedicated Time

Less brides asking questions means that your wedding suppliers will have more time for you! They’ll be able to dedicate to provide more of a personalised service than usual so you’ll feel so much relaxed knowing you’ve had that extra time with them.

  1. Sun, Sea & Honeymoon

If you’re going somewhere hot and exotic on your honeymoon, then you’re going to appreciate it even more!

  1. Make-Up on Fleek 

In the summer months’ brides cam have the risk of their make-up melting off or not setting as nicely due to the heat. In the winter however you’re good to go!

  1. The Dress

Your dress will look even more WOW with a super stylish accessory that will also keep you warm. Maybe a beautiful fluffy wrap, or a bolero? Or a romantic silk velvet shawl? You can slip if off once the ceremony starts but it will look nice in photos for when you’re walking in and when you leave.

  1. Blooming Brilliant 

You have the opportunity to get really creative with your bouquet. Instead of going for fresh flowers, you can get silk flowers and add feathers, crystals, glitter or even Christmas baubles if you’re feeling the festive spirit. Artificial bouquets also tend to be cheaper and you can keep them forever as a reminder of your big day so win-win!

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