Beautiful Budget Blooms

Wedding flowers are like the ultimate luxury. It’s become somewhat of a trend to have a full-on flower power shebang going on. However, what do you do if you have spent most of your budget and need to re-evaluate the flower situation? You get your thrifty thinking cap on my friend. See below for some ideas…


  1. Embrace the Season

Go for flowers that are in season opposed to flowers that your florist needs to source from another country. This will save you more than you realise.

  1. The Bigger the Better

Every table needs a centrepiece, so if you use bigger tables that means you will sit more people on one table which results in less flowers!!! You also save on table decorations. Win!


  1. Sharing is Caring

One of the best ways to get the most out of your wedding flowers is by not forgetting them at the end of the day! A lot of people leave their flowers at the venue which end up being binned or sneaky staff will take them home. So appoint a family member who will collect your flowers which you can then give to close family and friends as a sweet little gift.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Five a Day

Picture this – a lovely bowl of red roses arranged around a handful of structured grapes. Can you see it? It’s not for everyone BUT it’s quite a quirky style, that definitely bulks up your flower arrangements and looks nicer than it sounds.

  1. Fake it till You Make it

Artificial flowers have come a long way. They look very realistic and give you the flexibility to create the look you want. Or you could mix it up to save costs, so you could go for artificial centre pieces and opt for a fresh bouquet.


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