Bridal Beauty Tips

To have a glowing flawless skin on your wedding day, you must start your pre-wedding beauty routine as soon as possible from your engagement. Check out our top 10 beauty tips for all you blushing brides.

Sparkly Smile

There are so many options when it comes to getting that pearl white smile. E.G. whitening strips, teeth bleaching and teeth rubbing. You can use lemon and strawberries to rub your teeth and rinse with cold water. Rubbing raw vegetables and carrots are also useful for removing stains on your teeth.

Regular Facials

Your skin needs consistent care leading up to the wedding day. Try going for regular facials on monthly basis.

Get in Shape


It’s not necessarily about losing weight, but by joining a gym or going to fitness classes you will tone up and more importantly feel healthier and fitter. Try to create a six months wedding fitness plan and stick to it!



Water and Fruit Nourishment



Ensure you’re drinking at least two litres a day and eat fruits like watermelon which has 92% water and vitamin A B6 and C.



Blot Oil

If you have oily or greasy skin, you will know it can often lead to acne. Keep your skin oil-free throughout the day. Blotting paper is the best solution you can use it on your forehead, nose, and chin area.




Moisturising is the key factor behind a fresh looking skin. Choose a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type and ensure you’re looking after all your body not just the face!



Spot Fix

Spots are a nightmare for the bride-to-be. You can go for a quick fix of applying benzoyl peroxide gel on the area. It will help healing and drying it without consuming much time.

Lip Care

Lips can get chapped and dry due to severe weather conditions. Use a SPF 30 lip balm regularly to restore and nourish your lips ensuring that your pout in on point!

Eye Care

Try avoid stress and get lots of sleep. Get some nice eye cream or eye gel. It will help relieving puffiness around your eyes.

Hair Care


Your bridal hair countdown begins a month before wedding day. The first step is to get your haircut. Tune and if you dye your hair get it done around two weeks before the wedding. If you are going for an up-do hairstyle on your wedding, wash and blow dry your hair a day before wedding.

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