Honeymoon Planning Tips


Once all the frocks, flowers and food has been done and dusted with, you have your honeymoon to look forward to! They say it’s the best part of getting married because you can finally unwind. We have some tips below which you may want to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon.


Set a Budget

You need to consider hotel, air travel and car rental costs, as well as spending money. If you think you are going to make some major purchases like a rustic rug or a pretty side table, ensure you research any shipping costs.

Create a Time-Frame

Set a realistic time-frame for your honeymoon travels. Don’t forget to factor in the wedding preps, actual wedding celebrations and air travel.  Also if you’re changing time zones, factor jet lag into your equation. I’m sure we would all like to take 8 weeks off and disappear into honeymoon heaven however with work and other commitments this isn’t feasible for the majority of us.

Prioritise Activities  

Apart from the general relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, it’s a good idea to prioritise any other activities. When you know what want from your honeymoon experience it will make it all that much easier to plan. Make a list with your other half highlighting your top three activities.

Live a Little

Always wanted to try surfing or scuba-diving? Well, now is the time to explore new experiences with your other half and make some amazing memories. You only go on honeymoon once so make it a trip to remember!


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