Hot Yoga Benefits

Hot yoga is our favourite form of exercise by a mile! It’s amazing what you can do with your body and you feel so calm after class. You can practice hot yoga in different styles such as Bikram and Moksha however both basically do the thing.


If you’re a newbie to yoga, then firstly let’s just set the scene for you. You’re in a room that is heated to 40 degrees, you follow the instructor completing a set sequence of various postures and you sweat. A lot.

If you’re interested in trying hot yoga, then we’ve complied some of the benefits for you below:

Increased Flexibility

The heat allows you to safely reach new levels of flexibility. The warmer our muscles, ligaments and joints become the more length and movement we’re able to find within them.

Cardiovascular Strength

Practicing in a heated room means your heart rate rises to a quicker rate in order to maintain the body’s temperature. Combined with a fast flowing practice using all of your muscles to hold poses, your body is having a good cardiovascular workout.

Mindful in The Moment

Unlike other exercises yoga has that added beauty of making you feel at one with yourself. During that one-hour class you literally forget everything and just focus on YOU. Your body, your breathing and how you feel when you’re doing the various poses.

Detoxing Inside and Out

With all of that sweating you’ll be doing wonders for your skin. From the moment you step into the room and start sweating, your pores open flushing out toxins. The yoga practice itself also detoxifies your muscles, organs and glands.

Feel Stronger

If you attend class regularly you will start to improve your balance, stability and overall joint health. The results of yoga can be addictive! Once you notice how far you’ve come you become more invested in it.

Remember – if you have a injury then please consult a doctor before starting hot yoga and be sure to let your teacher know. 

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