How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

makeup-1289325_1280Let’s be honest here, most of us girls neglect cleaning our make-up tools regularly. However if you suffer from skin conditions it’s absolutely vital to keep your brushes clean. Why, you ask? Well for a start cleaning your brushes prevent bacteria being passed back and forth between your face and brush. Not to mention the cleaner your brush the nicer your makeup will be applied.

Try the below five-step method once a fortnight:

  1. Get it Wet 

First step is to wet the fibres of your brush with lukewarm water (some people prefer to use cold) holding the brush downwards. Never hold your brush upwards as you don’t want water to get into the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the brush to the handle. Try to keep both the ferrule and the handle of the brush dry.

  1. Get Your Lather On 

Squeeze a penny-sized amount of shampoo or face wash (whatever you prefer) onto the plan of your hand. Rub your brush into it until ensuring it’s covering the brush from all over. Then squeeze the soapiness out. Repeat this three times.

Remember to be gentle to ensure that the integrity and shape of your brush stays in tact. If you rub too hard you could also risk losing fibres out of the brush.

  1. Rinse it Out 

Rinse under the tap, squeezing the brush till all the soapiness has gone. Depending on how much make-up is on your brush you may need to do step 2 and 3 again.

  1. Better Shape Up 

Gently reshape your brush into the same form it was prior to washing. No wringing the brushes out just gently squeezing them back into shape.

  1. Dry it Out 

Place your brush on a small towel gently patting it then fold the towel over it covering the whole brush. You can leave it in there to dry now. It’s important to cover it so that nothing sticks to it while it’s wet and drying.

Leave it in the towel to dry overnight and the brush should be ready to use the next morning.

Keep in mind though that any brushes containing densely packed fibres may take longer to dry. You will recognise when it’s ready to use, as it won’t feel damp when brush across your palm.

Happy cleaning!


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