Noughties Beauty Fails

If you were a teen in the noughties, then the below beauty fails will be something you can relate too. Unless you were super, amazingly cool and ahead of your time – but without beauty bloggers and YouTube tutorials it’s safe to say us noughties teens were on our own…

  1. Foundation that was too light

Shade-matching was a toughie! You really just had to make a guess and then look like Casper the Ghost.

  1. Foundation that was too dark

After looking like Casper you decided to go darker… And then looked like a rotten tangerine. #Sexy

  1. Clear lip gloss

It seemed really cool at the time…

  1. Clear mascara

This literally didn’t make a difference to your lashes! Apart from making them feel really heavy and kinda weird.

  1. Inside eyeliner

Cheap kohl pencils + easy application = smudgy eyes before Geography at 2pm.

  1. OTT bronzer

A little bit on your cheekbone…Ooo a little bit to highlight my chin…Ooo a little tap on my nose…

  1. OTT blusher

See above.

  1. Body glitter 

This stuff was acceptable to wear ANYWHERE. Arms, legs, neck, hey let’s just dab a bit on our hair too. Why?!?!

  1. The worst eyebrows

Shaving lines in them? Over-plucking them? Waxing them till you’re left with bright red patches… Yeah we’ve all been there.

  1. Crazy layers

Ahhh. Short choppy layers. All the rage.

  1. Flicky hair

Layers + a nice little flick with your straightener = cool chick on the block. (Or so we thought.)

  1. Hair mascara

Your mama had forbidden you to dye your hair so you had to go for the next best thing – hair mascaraaa! Purple and blue were our personal faves.

  1. The multi-coloured manicure

Wearing a different colour polish on every fingernail! LOL. Oh dear.

Ahhh the good old days ey! And all of these fails would be happening with a bit of R Kelly, Ignition playing in the background – one our noughties, faves! 


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