Picture Perfect Wedding Snaps

Photographs play an important part when it comes to capturing memories form your big day.  See our five top tips below to help you get the perfect pictures.


  1. Choose the Right Photographer for You

There are lots of different options to consider before investing in a photographer. Do you know what type of style you want i.e. standard or cinematic? Once you’ve narrowed your choices down and met with your potential photographers remember to book the one you feel most comfortable with. The more relaxed and comfortable you are around them, the more confident you’ll be in front of the camera.

  1. Visit the Venue

It is always good to take your photographer to the venue so they can assess the lighting and area they’ve got to play with.  They will also be able to recommend areas for indoor shots if it rains and lookout for the perfect position for your couple portraits. All of this preparation will help to get you the best photographs.

  1. Do a Practice Run

A practise session will allow you to relax, feel confident and eliminate any nerves you have about posing for the camera. It will also give you a chance to try out different poses and have a bit of fun.


  1. Get Photo-Ready

These days’ photographers can go to town on editing photos. However, for weddings people usually prefer to keep it as natural as possible. With this in mind you need to up your beauty regime a few months before your wedding.

  1. Keep it Clean

On the morning of your wedding it’s easy for the space you are in to get messy. Ask your bridesmaids to keep on top of keeping the room neat throughout the morning. Don’t forget to have all of your personal items ready for your photographer i.e. jewellery, heels and perfume. Make them aware of anything special you want included to ensure nothing is missed.

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