Self-Care: More Than a Pamper Session

Candle lit bubble baths, a facemask, getting your nails done are all nice things to do for yourself. A bit of ME time is always good to have, we all need some TLC from time to time. But although these acts are all a form of self-care, there are a lot of other things which count towards loving yourself.

First off, no one can tell you how you should engage in self-care. There’s no right or wrong way to practice it. Just listen to what your hearts really wants to do and do it. We all know about the types of self-care published over social media, the pamper sessions, the shopping trips, the manicures – and there is nothing wrong with doing that but there are also other self-care practices too, that aren’t ranted and raved about online.

So apart from the glamorised forms of self-care, which we all know and love how here are some other ways to show yourself some love…

Doing The Basics

Sometimes when you’re really struggling to get through the day for whatever reason even simple things like taking a shower, brushing your hair, getting dressed and fuelling your body with good food all count as self-care. These small everyday tasks which people are so used to doing can actually feel monumental if you’re going through something difficult. Whether it’s personal stress or professional stress, life can really get you down sometimes so if you can motivate yourself to take that first step out of bed feel damn good about it!

It’s Ok To Say No

If you’re a bit of a people pleaser the word ‘no’ probably doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. However, it’s important that you’re not forcing yourself into things just because you feel bad if you say no. You don’t have to go to every party, event or even cinema date with your friends if you don’t feel up to it. This doesn’t mean that you’re being boring or you don’t want to see your friends. After a long week at work sometimes you just want to get in your pjs and chill out on the sofa. Remember you are entitled to decline if you need some downtime, don’t ever feel guilty for that!

Acknowledging What Hurts Your Heart

Writing a list of everything that upsets you is actually quite therapeutic. Are there any particular people who are draining your energy? Are there any personal conflicts on you mind? Are you part of something, which no longer makes you happy? Write a solution down to every point and one by one act upon it. If you have to cut people out your life or limit interactions with them – do it! Don’t feel guilty about putting your own needs first.

 Being Kinder to Yourself

We all feel compassionate towards others. You know like when your friend is upset and you instantly just want to hug them, support them and help make them feel better. We need to apply this same level of compassion to ourselves. Too often people are their own worst critic, constantly judging themselves and feeling bad about things they’ve said and done. During times like this it’s important to accept your feelings and rather than beat yourself up about it create a caring space for yourself. A place where instead of feeling angry with yourself and going over things multiple times you take a step back and basically be your own best friend.

Self-care is more than just treating yourself on the weekend; it’s about making positive choices for your long-term wellbeing. So please remember to celebrate those small self-care victories, even if they don’t involved glitter bath bombs.

What does self-care mean to you?

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