Tasty Post-Workout Snacks

Fuelling your body after a workout is pivotal when it comes to seeing real results. It’s how muscles repair and how we restore electrolytes lost from all of that sweat.



The best foods for recovery include a mix  of carbohydrates and protein along with plenty of H2O.  Carbs will replenish muscles and stimulate the release of  insulin. Protein, will repair damaged muscle tissue and  encourage the development of new muscle.




Check out our 5 fav foods to eat below:

  1. Grilled chicken, mixed vegetables with sweet potato
  2. Grilled salmon with quinoa and salad
  3. Protein shake with one wholegrain toast and egg
  4. Tuna with wholegrain crackers with fresh lemon juice squeezed over and mustard
  5. Fruit smoothie with a handful of mixed nuts

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