Top 10 Tips for Brides-to-Be

You’re constantly comparing prices of things you need, you can’t decide what shade of violet your centrepieces should be and you’ve chewed your besties ear off about all the ongoing wedding drama – and yes there’s a lot of it!

Weddings are most definitely a whirlwind of emotions. As a bride you have so much going on in your head and sometimes you just need to take a step back and breathe! Think about the situation objectively – is it really the end of the world if you don’t find the cake topper you seen weeks ago and now have decided to buy it?!

Take a step back and remember what is important—you are marrying the love of your life! This is the start of an exciting new chapter of your life. Focus on the end goal not the niggly wiggly bits in the middle.

Our tips below are from recent brides who lived to tell the fairy-tale!

  1. Make-up

Have at least two trials for make-up with different MUAs. It will give you a good idea of what look you want on your big day.

  1. Hair

Ahead of the big day ensure you show your hairstylist a few different styles you’re keen on. You won’t have time on the actual days to ponder what style you want.

  1. Safety deposit box

Make a little box with some emergency supplies in there: hair-grips, eye-lash glue, safety-pins, nail glue, lipstick, tissues… And anything else you can think of! This box should be given to your bestie who will stash it somewhere safe in the venue in case it needs to be used.

  1. Don’t get caught in in ‘perfection’

Embrace the unexpected don’t let an unattainable ideal sour the big picture – you’re in this together and this is the start of a whole new journey for you and your hubs.

  1. Accept that you can’t please everyone

You can’t make everyone happy and trying to accommodate other people will just make the whole process more stressful and daunting. This is your day; make it about YOU.

  1. Take it one thing at a time

Without a full-time professional wedding planner, you can get really overwhelmed.  But once you finalise the date and venue, the rest will fall into place. Think about the three most important things to you and work on those next—whether it’s the photography, dress, food, music, florals, etc. Make a list and cross things off as you go.

  1. Let your creativity flow

No one knows your vision better than you do! No matter how well-intentioned friends and family will undoubtedly lend you advice, opinions and even objections to your decisions which can leave you feeling lost, confused and annoyed. So always remember to trust your own style and taste.

  1. Sleeping Routine

This is a toughie, but try your best not to have late nights leading up to the wedding. Just go to bed and wake up as usual, do not stay up till silly o’clock doing wedding preps because eventually you will feel burnt out.

  1. Eat!

Take the time to eat on the day of your wedding. You don’t want to feel worn out and hungry during anyone’s speeches or dances!

  1. Be mindful 

On your big day be mindful of each moment, don’t be worrying about a centrepiece looking wonky or a bit of cake on the floor… Soak up all the love, happiness and bliss and smile, you made it!




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