Underactive Thyroid & Cold Intolerance

Cold weather in general can place additional stress upon our bodies. If you suffer from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) then the affects of Winter have an even bigger impact. Even when you’re wearing a t-shirt, two jumpers, a pair of fluffy socks and have a hot water bottle, you can still feel cold.

The thyroid gland controls our body temperature which is why if you have an underactive thyroid you’ll find it much harder to generate your own heat. You’re prone to having low body temperatures, feeling sensitive to the cold and having constant cold hands and feet.

It can be bad enough during the summer months for thyroid sufferers. While everyone else in the office wants the AC on you’re sat there shaking away reaching for your jacket. So naturally during the Winter it’s going to be even more tough.

The drop in temperature means the thyroid has to work even harder to keep your body warm. Unfortunately there’s no secret weapon which will help you feel warmer. But it’s important to remember the options you have and actively make sure you implement them into your daily routine…

Eat More Nutritious Food

It’s always important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs but it’s even more important during the Winter months. By keeping your body fuelled with the good stuff it can help your thyroid to keep up with the demand to produce more heat. Try eating more:

  • High quality fats likes nuts and seeds
  • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat more healthy proteins such as fish, lean meat and beans

Avoid Too Much Sugar

As tempting as it is to have hot chocolates and cookies, try to avoid having too many sugary treats. It could lead you to feel more sluggish and you need all your energy especially in the cold weather. When you feel like you need a sugar rush opt for something more healthy like:

  • A piece of dark chocolate
  • Greek yoghurt topped with berries and honey
  • Slice a pear and top it with almond butter

Rest Your Body 

Insomnia is common for underactive thyroid sufferers which really doesn’t help the overall situation. During Winter especially you need to be resting and giving your body time to reenergise. If you’re shivering away like a leaf in bed this won’t help your sleep situation at all. Try to:

  • Use a electric blanket opposed to a hot water bottle so you feel warm for longer
  • Do some light yoga to help destress and relax your mind before you get in bed
  • Have a cup of camomile tea 30 minutes before bed, it’s known as a sleep-inducer and will help relax you

Invest In Decent Thermals

Having a thermal layer under your clothes will make all the difference. Rather than wearing multiple layers of tops and jumpers, which can get uncomfortable, stick on a thermal vest and leggings then your outfit on top. Also rather than going for the fashionable, pretty looking gloves, get yourself a thermal pair that will actually keep your hands warm.

It’s standard practice to get your thyroid levels checked every few months. However it’s worth getting an extra check during Winter. At the end of the day you’re relying on daily medication to do your thyroids job so it’s important that whenever you feel your body is under extra stress to get it checked out.

Hope this helps!


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